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quick/peek: some Fun Facts Part II: The Three-Golden-Bridge Tourbillon

Continuing with Part II we will look at what I consider to be the signature of Girard-Perregaux: The Three-Golden-Bridge Tourbillon. This signature design goes back to the pocket watch days and that’s where the little fun fact roots in as well.

In a pocket watch you typically have a lid covering the dial and a lid covering the backside with the beautiful movement. With the Three-Golden-Bridge moving into a wristwatch, the desire is understandable to have the movement “dial-side” to be admired all the time while wearing the watch. As a consequence the movement was turned 180 degrees and that’s why today you have on all Three-Golden-Bridge Tourbillons (with the exception of course when the movement is only on the backside) that the hands are “upside-down”. By upside down I mean that unlike typically where the Minute hand sits above the hour hand, here it is the other way around with the hour hand on top.