This Blog is owned and maintained by Crown Comfort. “Crown Comfort” is my social media handle as I prefer to remain anonymous to the wider public. I have been a watch collector for many years and interested in watches in general since childhood.

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from my years I lived in Hong Kong

This Blog shows my journey into watches and my collection, interests and is a general hub and knowledge base for Girard-Perregaux watches.

Girard-Perregaux watches are my passion and today my collection mostly revolves around this brand. My Blog will not only post my collection, but will also discuss novelties, news, history and background articles about Girard-Perregaux.

I have been posting previously on a forum under the same handle and also have been the moderator for the GP forum there and if you’re interested in Girard-Perregaux watches you may have come across my posts in the past.

My signature watch, the WW.TC to John Harrison

The content of this Blog will be built over time as I have a lot of material and putting together an as complete as possible repository is a lot of work. However, I have launched this page so you can follow the process as it gets bigger and better over time.

I’m not associated with Girard-Perregaux and I do not receive any sponsorship nor do I have any commercial interests. None of the watches showed in this Blog are for sale, so no point in asking. While I’m not associated with GP, I do have contacts at the manufacture and once in a while I’m allowed to view their vaults and novelties either on visits to La Chaux-de-Fonds or at exhibitions.

I started with my first Girard-Perregaux watch in the late 90s, but really got into collecting from around 2010 onwards.

A very rare first generation Deep Diver from 1957

Starting with modern GP watches and getting hooked into a community, I also ventured into Vintage. Today, my collection consists approx. of 70% Vintage versus 30% Modern (>1990).

While this Blog is all about Watches and Girard-Perregaux watches in particular, I will venture outside from time to time into other interests I have, that may include cars, books, sports or anything else.

You can navigate this site through the top menus as well as Categories and Tags, so it should be easy to find all info and posts about a specific model from a specific period for example.

A high complication Chronograph with Rattrapante and Foudroyante

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