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wristshot: Girard-Perregaux Laureato 8010

Wristshot, 25th May: I already speculated a bit about what potential novelties we will see from GP in 2020. Among the hot candidates are an addition to the 1966 and Vintage 1945 lines. And what about the Laureato? I had mentioned it before that I believe some consolidation would be beneficial for the Laureato, yet, I still think we will see some novelty within the Laureato collection. On my wrist is the most classic Laureato, the 8010 from the mid 90s. Inhouse-movement (Cal. 3100), modest size (36mm) and classic integrated bracelet.

Speaking about the bracelet. My 8010 has the bracelet with the single-fold deployment buckle. That is also combined with a rather stiff bracelet. It’s the one reason why on my relatively small wrist the 8010 is not the most comfortable fit. There is a second bracelet version with double-folding clasp and a much more flexible bracelet. I hope one day I can find one and put it on my 8010.

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