from/my/collection: Girard-Perregaux WW.TC Financial Ti

Sometimes collecting watches and following a passion can lead to strange results. I truly admire the GP WW.TC and very early in my collecting life I had a WW.TC in my collection. Today, the WW.TC 49805 Financial in steel is one of my “core” watches and I’m super happy wearing that one. However, as typical, you are always on a search or a hunt and when about 2 years ago I came across the WW.TC Financial with black dial and sky-blue 24h ring, I was hooked. There seemed to be no good argument against owning T.W.O World-Timers of the same Reference.

wwtc pair
Titanium and Steel WW.TC side-by-side

So after some search, I located a NOS 49805 Financial in Titanium and quickly it ended up in my collection. Initially, my thinking was confirmed. It was a different watch:

  • Black Dial with more sporty numbers and lume
  • Particularly I like the sky-blue/black 24 hour ring
  • Rubber strap instead of alligator
  • Titanium case

However, after the usual honeymoon period, I ended up again and again preferring my “old” Steel Panda WW.TC. Eventually I figured it out.

I’m not a Titanium case person. Especially the matte grey finish doesn’t do it for me. I know there are a lot of benefits of Titanium as watch case material, it is lightweight, durable, skin-friendly, but let’s face it, it’s just not a precious metal. Okay, Stainless Steel isn’t precious either, but when polished and brushed, it looks a lot more interesting to my eyes than grey Titanium.

So what to do?

Sometimes, you just need to admit to mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, the WW.TC Titanium was not a mistake per se, but just not exactly right for me, especially with me owning the same Reference in another metal. Consequently, I ended up selling it to another collector and I hope it is getting the love it deserves.


One thing I surely learned: I will think twice or even thrice before I consider another Titanium watch.


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