news: Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 – something is cooking (?)

If you follow social media and if you also take into account that with the cancellation of SIHH/Baselworld, manufactures are using this time of the year now to launch novelties. The Geneva Watches and Wonders T.W.O weeks ago already brought some brands to the forefront but we are expecting a second wave including Girard-Perregaux. Which brings us back to social media.

The official channels of Girard-Perregaux’s social media feeds have recently put a lot of focus on the Vintage 1945. So putting one and one together, I have high hopes that we will see a revamped collection of this iconic art deco design. The Vintage 1945 had been quite neglected over the recent years, one thing I did point out in my “Quo Vadis GP” articles that it needs fixing.

The original from the 1940s, Ref. 5080

My biggest wish however, is that GP moves back in time a bit and goes away from the XXL Case to a more moderate size. I still very much like the “original” size of the time-only Vintage 45 from its re-release i 1995, so either Ref, 2595 or 2593. Maybe considered small by recent standards but for time-only quite appropriate.

vint45news feat
Ref. 2593, time-only in classic size

And for complications within the Vintage 45, the King Size case is perfectly suited. A rectangular dial has typically more space for complications and does not need a super-sized case. Take the Chronograph GMT for example: everything is in place, nothing crammed but only in King Size case.

Complication (Chronograph and GMT) in King Size Case

So let’s keep our hopes up for some good news and I shall report back here as soon as have something officially out.

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