from/my/collection: hidden pearls Part 5

Final post today on hidden pearls from/my/collection that live mostly a box life. A little Gyromatic that has quite a number of interesting features. Reference 7850 is from the mid 60s and has the integrated lugs, not yet a C-Shape case but pre-empting it. A 39 Jewels Gyromatic caliber 32.x with date at 9. So far so common.

The dial however is a sector dial, not a classic crosshair but six sectors. The Logo print ist nicely put at 9 o’clock, something you do not see very often on a vintage GP.


And the final twist is above the “39 Jewels”. A company dedication to the Firestone Tire Company. I have not seen many company dedicated watches from GP other maybe in the more modern era to Ferrari, Lancia or FIAT. So this is quite a pearl, but not getting much wrist time I admit.


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