from/my/collection: hidden pearls Part 4

Another hidden pearl I want to show you is a vintage Quartz watch. You can read on my blog the full history on the first Swiss quartz watches, so this is surely a watch of some historic importance. However, as a rule of principle I prefer to wear a mechanical watch. Therefore, the GP quartz 9444 “polka dots” dial, mostly stays in the box. Currently, not even a battery is deployed.


The key charm of this watch is its quite unique dial. It has very nice blue hue with a sunburst effect and printed white polka dots. The case shape without lugs and the round brushed finishing is very typical of the early 70s. Not yet as funky as the 70s watches will be a few years later, but already the design direction is visible.

background/report: Girard-Perregaux and the quartz revolution


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