from/my/collection: hidden pearls Part 3

Continuing with the search for hidden pearls, let’s go back to the late 60s and to a Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF, Red 9086. The Chronometer HF is an iconic vintage GP linked to the 1966 in the current collection. The C-Shape Chronometer HF, either Ref. 8795 or 9086 is a great collecting item. As such, you will easily end up with many of them in your collection and then some get more some get less wrist time. This black dial 9086 AF falls unfortunately in the latter category.

I’m not sure why, cause when I take it out, I’m really fascinated by this watch. The black dial with the short silver indexes is quite stunning. I believe the problem is that I have an excellent condition 9086 with a blue dial which I tend to pick before I take the black dial and the other Reference 8795 also comes usually before I take out the 9086 black dial.



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