from/my/collection: hidden pearls Part 2

Digging deeper into my boxes, I have some late 70s manual wind dress watches with elliptical case. Reference 9628 I admit sits in the box, pretty much with no wrist time. I do like elliptical cases a lot as they are very elegant. I once had 4 watches of this reference, but have already gone down to T.W.O but even those now have only a box life.

ellipse blue


One nice element of this Reference is that it is not only time-only but not even have a seconds hand. A basic manual wind caliber allows for a slim profile and very reliable operation. One thing that possibly adds to the lack of wrist time are the narrow 16mm lugs. For my taste, that makes the strap too narrow. Perhaps I should give them another chance and take them out, but I doubt they will ever get any considerable wrist time.


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