watches/not/gp: Box Play Part 2: Zenith

Let’s continue with our little box play, this time with vintage Zenith. The Zenith El Primero A 385 has been a recent edition to my collection and as soon as it arrived, I was determined to “complete” it as much as possible. Period-correct buckle is a must, but finding the right box was yet another hunt.

The El Primero A 385 was in production from 1969 to 1972. When you start looking into vintage Zenith boxes from that time period, you realise a few things. There was not one style of box, instead they changed over time. Secondly, the early El Primero’s from the late 60s, came in a red cylindric box. Now those boxes are very cool, but have you checked the prices on these (empty) boxes? You can build a modest watch collection for that.



Luckily, my A 385 is from 1972 and in the 70s, Zenith changed to green boxes of different styles. A larger box where the watch is strapped on a holder and a flatter model that lays the watch flat. I decided to go with the smaller option. It may not be 100% correct, but who knows, it is surely from the right period and luckily was only the small fraction of the price of the red tube box.


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