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quick/peek: Girard-Perregaux Chronograph 4210

Let’s take a look at a not often seen Chronograph from Girard-Perregaux from the mid to late 1970s. I’m not sure if Chronograph 4210 is actually very rare or just not as popular as the more well-known Olimpico Chronographs, but coming across one of them is quite rare. Here we have a perfect example with original bracelet and dark blue dial, belonging to a friend of mine.


I have to admit that the 70s style of this Chronograph did not hit me immediately, esp. when only seen on photos, however, in real this watch is actually very convincing. It has a certain coolness with its highly polished and brushed surfaces. This watch really comes alive on the wrist in normal day-light.


Inside you find GP Caliber 240, a manual wind column-wheel chronograph with T.W.O sub-registers, based on the Valjoux 236, the same movement you find in the Olimpico 9245. I also love the bracelet on this watch. It has a much better quality feel than most bracelets from those days and with the brushed vertical links no unnecessary bling.


Besides the blue dial, which is quite a dark blue, I have also seen white and black dial versions of this watch, but I think the blue is probably the best. Talking about the dials, one of the problems of the GPs from this period is that often the dials have some blemishes and many of 4210 I have seen had that problem, so finding a perfect example is even more difficult, but as you can see, not impossible.

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