watches/not/gp: Box Play Part 1: IWC

When it comes to “box play” nobody can keep up with my friend Blomman from The Blomman Watch Report, in fact, you can add documents, hang tags, merchandise as well, but for finding the correct box for a vintage watch, he is the number one authority. When I stepped into IWC with my Ingenieur 666 AD, he also helped me finding the right box. So let’s do a bit of box play, starting with IWC.


box iwc3

The IWC Ingenieur 666 AD is from the first series of the antimagnetic Ingenieur watches and originated in the 1950s while being in production through a number of years of the 1960s. My watch is likely dating back to the mid 60s. As often, there is not one box style used throughout the production years of a model, but most likely, my Ingenieur originally came with the gold coloured folding box.

box iwc5

box iwc4

I love those simple and practical vintage boxes. Perfectly fit for purpose of being just a case for the watch, not like today, where there seems to be a competition of who has the biggest. The little golden box fits very well with the IWC Ingenieur.

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