hands/on: the Girard-Perregaux Damier 7427, guest review by Baron

With great honour, we have the first guest review today on The GP Chronicles. Read what my friend Baron has to say about the Girard-Perregaux Damier.

Over the years, I have evolved as a collector. I started in JLC, and then moved into vintage Rolex. Then I started on Patek Philippe, with the latter being my main interest over the last ten years. Why do I own a GP Damier?

It is a good question. And there are a number of answers.

Firstly, as a collector, I do enjoy diversity. I like my watch collection to cover a number of bases. As a general rule, I divide watches into two categories; “beaters” and “wows”. For me, I have difficulty owning watches that I don’t wear. “Beaters and Wows” cover most bases. However, not all bases are covered in those categories.  I like my collection to be broad enough to give a diversity that keeps the overall collection fresh. I cannot remember just how many times I have discussed with friends the perfect number of watches to own in a collection. For some, it is just one watch. For others, a collection needs to grow in size constantly. For me, it is about feeling that my collection is fresh and diverse. I need enough watches so that there is always something that delivers an enormous boost when I see it. How many do I need? Not sure, but I now only add when a watch adds something different to my collection that truly makes me smile.


Which brings me to the Damier. There is nothing in my collection that looks or feels like a GP Damier. It has an overtly vintage feel to it. But it is a watch that can look just great casually. Steel. Square. Graph paper dial!! Yes, it adds something very different. It creates a mood that no other watch that I own can achieve.

But, there are plenty of watches that could add something different, why do I own a Damier?  Well, this boils down to personal taste. I don’t own a Richard Mille but that is because I don’t like what the watch looks like. I do like what the Damier looks like. Yes, I like it a lot.


However, there are other reasons why the Damier found its way into my collection. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to develop some great friends within the watch collecting fraternity. What started out as GTGs with other watch collectors has developed into GTGs with my close friends. Many of these close friends are passionate GP collectors. Being a part of that GP mafia means a lot…. The Damier does that for me. And I am hugely grateful to my friend CC for making a gift of this Damier….. an act of generosity and friendship. At the end of the day, the watches are always secondary to the friendships that develop.

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