from/my/collection: Patek Philippe 2552, Disco Volante

Time again to venture out of my usual fare and take a look at a vintage Patek that by many is viewed as the watch with the best-ever automatic caliber from Patek. Not only was Caliber 12-600 AT Patek’s first automatic caliber, it is also one of the most beautifully decorated.

Caliber 12-600 AT

Coming to the market in 1953, it has been a debate by collectors if the Ref 2552 or Ref 2526 was the first to the market, but frankly that doesn’t really matter. Ref 2526 is a very beautiful watch, but Ref 2552 has that certain extra that makes it so special to me. The discus shaped case and the stepped bezel is quite unique and give that watch a special charm and of course its nick name, the Disco Volante.. Combined with the PP crown, it is an overall piece of art on the wrist.

My 2552 was according to the Extracts from the Archive manufactured in 1955 and first sold in April-1956. You have to give Patek a lot of credit for being able to track down pretty much every watch they ever made within the archives. A splendid choice to enter vintage Patek Calatrava’s in my view.


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