quick/peek: not all was bad in the 80s

The 1980s, for me the decade of adolescence, the worst haircuts, the worst fashion styles, mainstream rock and pop music that still runs through every radio station today and watches? The 80s are often referred to as the dark age, the Quartz crisis at its peak and a pretty much lost Swiss watch industry with a few exceptions.

Only towards the end of the 80s, when Cold War ended and Europe united again, some silver lightning was seen and that can also be said for Girard-Perregaux. However, let’s focus on something a little bit detached from the watch itself, the boxes. In the 50/60s and still in the 70s, boxes were just that, a simple box that would just fit the watch. Very rarely, manufactures issued a special box or put special attention to it. Jumping to today, boxes are now super annoying. Yes, they may look very prestigious and luxurious as they should for an expensive luxury watch, but why on Earth do they need to be sized to hold a small fridge, of you allow me that exaggeration.

The Girard-Perregaux Chronograph 4900 is a typical GP from the late 90s. Back to mechanical movements although not yet inhouse, more classic designs yet not quite as innovative and classic as in the 90s. And the box? Reasonable size but with a wonderful presentation opening and quality materials that do not disintegrate with the years as a lot of boxes did from the 90s.

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