hands/on: Girard-Perregaux WW.TC Lady Shopping

What’s in a name? Combining the T.W,O words “Lady” and “Shopping” seems to make a lot of logical sense, but naming a watch like that? Oh yes, it makes sense, when you have a Ladies World Timer that instead of listing cities around the globe, shows the most famous shopping streets we all know just too well and I trust with some inner shivering of horror.

The Girard-Perregaux WW.TC is a tasteful implementation of a special world timer. Built on the man’s no-Chronograph WW.TC with a 41mm case it seems a rather large choice for a Ladies watch, but GP managed to execute it very elegantly. Ref. 49860 was also available as a traditional world timer with a 24 hour cities ring and the “Lady Shopping” mostly changes the Cities Ring with a few but impactful changes.

from the Patrizzi Pocket Guide WW.TC

I’m aware of 4 different versions. All “Lady Shopping” WW.TC came with a steel case and a mother-of-pearl inner dial. Three came in an unlimited edition with black shopping street ring in different configurations and one was a limited edition to 10 pieces with a white shopping street ring dedicated to 701 Madison Ave, in celebration of the opening of the New York Girard-Perregaux Boutique in 2009.

The watch I’m showing you here belongs to the wife of a very good friend of mine. On the Cities Ring we can see the following:

  • London: Bond St.
  • Milan: Montenapoleone
  • Moscow: Tsum (Department Store)
  • Dubai: I guess all of Dubai is a shopping mall
  • Hong Kong: Central
  • Tokyo: Ginza
  • L.A.: Rodeo Drive
  • New York: Madison Ave.
  • Rio de Janeiro: Ipanema

You can see the options are almost countless and the other two versions differ a bit with Streets like Orchard Rd (Singapore) or Tretyakovsky (Moscow again).

Both crowns are decorated with a black cabochon stone for an extra female touch and the bezel as well as the dial is set with various diamonds. The perfect watch for any Shopping Queen.

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