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background/report: everything you always wanted to know about…watches

As a reader of this Blog I assume you have some basic, maybe even advanced knowledge how a mechanical watch works on the inside and it is not my intention to lecture technical details. However, wouldn’t it be cool to read some historic take on it? Like as old as from the 1940s? So let’s have a look.

The Big Picture – what’s inside

The Source of Power – the mainspring

The heart of a clock – the balance wheel

What makes your watch tick – the escapement

Putting everything together – the hidden ingridient

The back of the brochure shows the dealer and the Girard-Perregaux logo from the 1940s.

And there are thankfully also some watches in the brochure, a 1940s Sea Hawk, most likely the first iteration of the Sea Hawk.

I hope you enjoyed that little excursion into the past and maybe there were one or T.W.O revelations.

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