watches/not/gp: it is time to add a new tag // memovox

As an avid reader of my blog you have probably noticed that my watch collection has diversified over the last 12 months. While I continue to cherish and grow my GP watch collection, I have also added a number of other (mostly) vintage watches to my collection. Especially alarm watches have developed into a new theme in my collection.

It is now the right time to add a new tag on my blog. As another Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox E 855 has landed and I feel that there will be more coming you can as of now click on the new Memovox tag to see all posts on JLC Memovox’es.

So let me introduce the Memovox E 855. An E 855 by no means is a rare watch, probably one of the Memovox’es with the longest and largest production. However, finding an all original in good condition is not that easy. And when it comes to the black/gilt dial of the E 855 we are now talking about quite rare.

A marvel on the wrist and as with all E 855 just love that bumper wobbling on the wrist. The black dial gives it an entirely different look than the silver cousins. Not sure I would associate “sporty” with the black dial, it is still more elegant than sporty, in the end it is not a Polaris.

But with the black dial, the steel case seems to come out more and the lines of the case are more pronounced, giving it great wrist presence.

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