from/my/collection: Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox E875

I think there is clearly a predominance of alarm watches on The GP Chronicles recently, but please allow me one more before we look at other watch complications again. A recent addition to my collection, a late Jaeger-LeCoultre E875 Memovox in yellow gold to go along with my steel E875.



I’m not sure really what it is that makes me go mad on E875 and as well its predecessor E855, but for some reason, those are just right up my alley. The alarm adds an interesting complication and more action on the dial, while the cases are classic yet relatively modern sized for 1960s models. While I prefer the feel of the bumper movement K825 over the JLC 916 that is in the E875, it is the more modern and easier to handle watch, at least when it comes to opening the case back.


What excites me about this gold E875 is that I seem to have stumbled on a relatively rare version. Most yellow gold E875 seem to have a gold-coloured dial, which for some reason is not something I like very much. However, this one comes with a silver dial, same as the steel, just with gold indexes and hands.



And then there is condition. We recently had the interesting discussion about condition versus rarity. This E875 may not be a super-rare watch, but relatively rare in this combination, but for sure it is in excellent condition. I don’t like to talk about “New-Old-Stock” but definitely very well preserved with it’s original factory finishing of the case, a flawless dial and all fitting together, i.e. no replaced parts.


Finally, the 37mm are just made for my wrist. I think 37 is my sweet spot for vintage watches. Anything from 35-40 is fitting me well, but somehow 37 is not only the mathematical middle but just right for me.




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