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quick/peek: some Fun Facts Part IV: The Plexi of the Vintage 1994

Let’s conclude our little Fun Facts series with Part IV, but I promise I’ll come back to little snippets of interesting information in the near future. We are heading back to the year 1994, when Girard-Perregaux had the great idea to go deep into the archives of the GP museum and pick some outstanding vintage pieces and bring them back into the collection as a limited edition under the label “Vintage”. We all know the Vintage 1945, but the first release was actually the Vintage 94 from, you guessed it, 1994.

A vintage tank watch from the 1940s with a very interesting case shape that is very complex and difficult to craft. However, GP went even further to give it the true vintage charm, a domed acrylic glass was added. Yes, acrylic is scratch-sensitive not like sapphire glass, but such kind of watch only looks right with an acrylic plexi. A good example of “attention to detail” by Girard-Perregaux.

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