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quick/peek: Girard-Perregaux T.W.O favourite complications

T.W.O of my favourite complications are the Chronograph and the Alarm. At the change of the Millennium, GP made a big push with new models and complications within the collection. The Chronograph 4946 also dubbed the Vintage 1999 Chronograph still today presents perfection for a sports chrono. Likewise, the Traveller Alarm/GMT, Ref 4935 has been a welcome addition to the collection bringing back a wrist alarm function.

The Ref 4946 Chronograph comes in a 38mm case with mushroom pushers and 3 sub-registers. The black dial is much sportier than the cream dial, esp. the cream dial came with applied numerals and hands in rose gold. If there would be one wish, then dropping the date would be really welcome. I do hope we will see again a similar watch from GP in the future.

with or without open case back

The Alarm 4935 was the predecessor of Ref 4940, but essentially they are both the same watch, same dial layout, same complication and same movement, only the dial designs have some subtle changes and the main difference is the larger case diameter in 40mm. On the Alarm, i actually prefer the 40mm size. The cream dial of my 4935 has gold numerals and hands, making it look very elegant.

I had both watches out to change straps. Strap colours have a big impact with both of those watches.

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