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quick/peek: Girard-Perregaux Place Giradet, limited edition 225th anniversary

In 2016, Girard-Perregaux celebrated its 225th anniversary since Bautte started out in 1791. That year, GP had a true fireworks of novelties. One very interesting concept was the release of the Limited Edition called Place Giradet. Place Giradet 1 is the headquarter address in La Chaux-de-Fonds. As you can guess, the limited edition was 225 pieces. But not 225 pieces of the same watch, no rather 225 unique versions of the same watch, each one dedicated to one year of the 225 year history of Girard-Perregaux.

Each year was linked to an important historic event from that year, some linked to GP history others to general historic events. Above you can see the 1903 version, dedicated to a sad event, the death of Constant Girard. For the first time, GP brought the balance wheel under a golden bridge to the front of the dial without implementing a tourbillon. We have seen this later repeating with the Neo-Bridges and the Classic Bridges models that followed the years after.

I’m not sure, if all 225 pieces were really made, I surely have not seen all of them, but I collected a few from the web that I could find.

1791 first
1791: the foundation of Girard-Perregaux
1889: La Esmeralda Pocket Watch with three golden bridges
1867 Tourbillon Medal, 1880 first GP wristwatch, 1999 Automatic three-golden-bridge tourbillon and 2016 225th Anniversary


goldengate bridge
1937 Golden Gate Bridge
1955 Atomic clock and 1890 Art Nouveau movement
and my favourite: 1834 birth of Mendeleev