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anything/else: Variety spices up life…?

Always the eternal question: Is it better to have more variety or better to have focus in the collection on a theme? My theme surely is Girard-Perregaux. And then more questions come to mind: is it better to have a few really awesome watches or better to have a broad collection of many watches? As a collector, the answer can only be: BOTH!

Yes, I want to have a broad collection and also want to have the best in my collection I can rotate and regularly wear, a dilemma hard to solve and I also want to have a focus and theme, like GP is for me. On the other hand, tasting a bit here and there outside of the theme is not a bad thing. I may discover things I may like that if I would be blindfolded I would have never seen. So I think I have some surprises in my back pocket, on which I shall report here in due course.

anything/else: Diversity and watch collecting

Stay tuned.

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