29-Feb: the day for a…

no, I’m not going to show you another perpetual calendar or any other type of calendar watch that everyone takes out on the 29-Feb. Instead, I will go basic, very basic. simple T.W.O hander time-only. And this one is a very special one, because it is a friendship watch!

A little golden nugget, rectangular classic shape, total no nonsense. With a golden dial, golden case, this takes us back to the 1960s. Manual wind, thin movement, no seconds hand, it cannot get any simpler than Ref. 7780. But then, this is pure class and the watch found its way to me as a generous gesture from a dear friend. A watch that will take a very special place in my collection.

It is elegant, special and comfortable to wear on any occasion. Enjoy the pictorial.







Thanks my friend, you know who you are!