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quick/peek: Girard-Perregaux Alarm 9443

Highly anticipated but today I will take back possession of my Girard-Perregaux Alarm 9443 from the watchmaker. Ref. 9443 is quite a special GP alarm watch as it give evidence of the co-oporation between GP and JLC in the 1970s. This GP essentially is a Memovox with the JLC Caliber 916, only slightly modified by GP. What is different clearly is how the alarm is displayed. Instead of a rotating inner disc, GP uses as it has in its previous alarm watches a rotating disc of numbers displayed through an arched cut-out in the dial. The date also moved to 6 o’clock.

What we have here is quite a rare all steel model with this wonderful blue/grey dial. The gold-plated 9443 is more common which features a gold/grey dial. I have also seen a silver dial in a steel case of the 9443. One interesting fact: GP put a “Gyromatic” on the dial even though it has no Gyrotrons but Gyromatic became synonymous for GP watches with automatic winding. My watch needed some care as the winding crown was slipping, the movement needed a full service and the case a fresh over. Very excited to take it back later today and I will follow up with a report of course of the Girard-Perregaux Alarm 9443 after service.

Also check out The Blomman Watch Report for more details and a look at the gold 9443.

Jaeger-LeCoultre + Girard-Perregaux = True


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