from/my/collection: T.W.O Shot week, Girard-Perregaux Crosshair / Arrow head Gyromatic

Going back today to the 1960s in T.W.O Shot week with a lovely pair of Gyromatics with a twist. In fact, a double twist, but one at a time. The highlight of course is the special dial on this Gyromatc. A Crosshair design with arrow-shaped indexes underlining the crosshair, visually much like a compass. The hands also deserve some attention. They may not look any special, but on closer inspection they reveal some fine design detail that perfectly goes with the dial design.

However, it does not end here. The very same dial can be found in two different cases and hence in two different Reference numbers. Looking at the front, the lugs are an obvious difference, but taking a closer look, esp. from the back, the cases are actually completely different.

duo saturday2

The watch with the straight lugs has Ref. 7371, while with the other watch with the angled lugs it is more difficult. It has a Ref number of 6250, which seems a bit odd as it is far from 7371, but then there is no real consistency. I would put both watches at around the mid 60s and we do know 60s models with a 6xxx number and also 50s models with an 7xxx number, so this could still be right.

Regardless of the number, both Crosshair Arrow-head Gyromatics are great vintage watches with a twist and coming as a (different) pair is a much welcomed.

Stay tuned for the final T.W.O shot this week!

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