from/my/collection: T.W.O Shot week, Girard-Perregaux something for the Ladies

Wednesday, mid-week, it is time to also appreciate some watches for our better halves. Girard-Perregaux has a long tradition producing remarkable Ladies watches and the T.W.O we have on the table here, are no different, just stunning. Even more so, they are horologically very interesting and not just a piece of jewellery. Let’s have a closer look.

The Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye on the left has an amble supply of diamonds all over the case, crown and dial. A dark blue MoP dial matches up well with the diamond sparkle. More importantly though, you have a fantastic array of complications in this watch. A double (or Bi-) Retrograde display, hence the name Bi-Retro. A Retrograde 30 seconds hand (not sure I know another one that has ever done that) and a Retrograde Day-of-the-Week hand. In addition you have a moon phase and a date window. Overall a very interesting watch with a a lot of “action” on the dial as every 30 seconds the retrograde hand jumps back to zero.

duo wedensday2

Right-side, a Richeville Ladies Chronograph, Ref. 2650 in yellow gold and with white MoP dial. Here you have almost no diamonds except for a few small hour indexes. Making a tasteful Ladies Chronograph is not an easy task. Mechanical Chronographs require a certain diameter and it is not easy to make an elegant Ladies Chronograph. Girard-Perregaux however solved that with multiple angles. There is the elegant tonneau case that allows for a larger movement while still giving it a slim profile. And there is the movement itself, Cal. 3080 was a fully inhouse developed Chronograph caliber, although modular, but with column-wheel mechanism and believed to be the smallest automatic column-wheel caliber.

A clear double winner we have here.

Stay tuned for 4 more T.W.O shots this week!

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