from/my/collection: T.W.O Shot week, Girard-Perregaux 1966 Chronograph

This week on the GP Chronicles, the theme is “T.W.O Shots”. Every day of the week I will show a different duo shot from/my/collection. This Monday, let’s start with the 1966 Chronograph with automatic movement. On the left, you have the Ref. 49539, which was available in Pink Gold with silver dial, white gold with either silver or blue dial and also as a special edition for Dubail in white and pink gold with pulsation scale dial.

And on the right, you have Reference 49542, which is much rarer and was only available in pink gold with silver dial. This version was only very short in production. Ref. 49542 has a 2mm larger case at 42mm and also the lugs are 21mm versus 20mm apart. Otherwise, both are very close. The 49542 has applied numeral much like you can find on the Patek 5070.

On a closer look you can also notice that the subdials are further apart than on the 49539 and that even with the larger case. The explanation for that can be found on the backside.

duo monday2

Not easy to see, but 49542 actually has a different and larger caliber than the 49539 Chronograph. GP 030C0 with 10.5 ligne is hosted in the 40mm case while GP3300-0057 with 11.5 ligne can be found in the 42mm Chronograph.

What else differs them? Ah yes, the date at 6…Believe me, I had and a have countless sleepless nights thinking of what 49542 could have been without the date window. It’s not a breaking factor for me, but I also have to admit that without the date, a great Chronograph could have been an amazing one.

Stay tuned for 6 more T.W.O shots this week!

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