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wristshot: Girard-Perregaux Traveller GMT, Ref. 49655

Wristshot, 27th November: Let’s look at the 3rd generation Girard-Perregaux Traveller, Ref. 49655 from a few years ago that has only lived in the collection for a short period of time. Certainly due to some management and direction changes, but it was also quite a controversial watch. There was much to love about it, like the semi-transparent sapphire dial, the wonderful Large Date mechanism and the photographic moon phase.

But there was also a lot of criticism. In fact, it was either love or hate mostly. The case had grown to what most have argued too big 44mm diameter and the movement not only looked rather lost in the big case but also had an arrow-shaped oscillating weight. The introduced folding buckle took up the arrow-theme and ended up rather big in size.

For me, I still like this Reference. Although big, the lugs are very curved and are workable on smaller wrists, but overall, the size of the watch just looked a tad out of proportion on my wrist. With 41-42mm, I would have jumped on it.

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