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I love Art! Pretty much all of it interests me, but there are certain Artists or genres I prefer. Since childhood I have been going to museums and collected information about Art. Today, when I travel, I always try to make some time to visit the local museum and discover the Art. Paintings probably interest me most but I try to keep an open mind for other forms of Art, although admittedly, video or performance art does not really excite me. So let me show you some of my favourites, a small selection of what over the years have become “must-see’s” whenever I get the chance.

Visiting Tate Modern to see the Modigliani exhibition and with obligatory wristshot
Amedeo Modigliani

Let’s start from the top. The paintings (and sculptures) of Amedeo Modigliani are my absolute favourite. A Modigliani is one of the rarest and most expensive pieces of Art within the top league. Even large Museums of modern Art, often only have one or T.W.O Modigliani’s at display, so you either need to visit many museums or hope for a special exhibition.

I had been able to visit a Modigliani exhibition in Bonn over 10 years ago, but even that exhibition probably has less than 40 exhibits. So my excitement was without limits when Tate Modern announced the largest ever Modigliani exhibition some 2 years ago. It was a must-see, must-do.

Moving on to the Art of the Bauhaus, radically modern Art and Architecture. If there is one Artist from the Bauhaus school that stands out for me, it is Paul Klee. The introvert Swiss managed to produce paintings that require you to discover details and theĀ  deeper meaning. It is known that Klee had some mental problems but if the outcome of that is such Art, so be it.

Museo Thyssen- Bornemisza
Paul Klee “Rotierendes Haus”

Looking now at a not well-known Artist I discovered for myself many years ago and managed to collect some of his paintings. Andrew (Andy) Francis is a British Artist that bridges to another Art theme I very much admire, the Art Deco. His paintings bring alive the time of the Art Deco and the timeless designs.

Andrew Francis “Aerodrome”

Speaking of Art Deco, This is where Art comes back to watches. If there is one watch that breathes Art Deco, it must be the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945, truly a piece of Art.

There is something very special about Art Deco
artdeco gp
Art Deco in watches, the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945

Closing this little excursion away from watches, one last painting of a young Artist I dearly admire!

meret art
Female Portrait by a young artist
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