hands/on: Follow up on Girard-Perregaux GMT watches

Not long ago, I took a short excursion into Girard-Perregaux’s history of GMT watches. While I had mentioned that I skipped one model, namely the Vintage 1945 Chronograph GMT, Ref. 25975, I had done so on purpose, because I wanted to introduce this watch in a separate post. And besides, at that time it was still in transit to me.

hands/on: GMT watches from Girard-Perregaux over the decades

There is not really much to say about this watch what I did not cover in my previous post on the technical aspects, only to say that this not only has the small GMT subdial operated by a pusher but of course that the combination with a Chronograph is a rather rare complication.



Hence let the pictures do the talking. I’m getting more and more fond about coloured gold watches and the light brown strap is an awesome combination from all angles and in all lights. The King Size case for me works the best, great presence but not too big. There is also a lot of fine details on the dial, something you typically only see on the Haute Horlogerie pieces.