from/my/collection: Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF, Ref. 9000

Time to dig into the vintage box again and bring out another Chronometer HF, the oval-shaped Ref. 9000. My friend The Watch Baron just had a discussion on his Blog about vertical versus horizontal collecting and typically a vertical collector needs to get all dial versions of a particular Reference.

I consider myself still more of a horizontal collector although quite vertically focussed on one brand, but typically, I try to have a wide variety of References in my collection. But no rule without an exception and I admit, Ref. 9000 I have collected 3 different colours of the dial. Why? Not sure, they just popped up one day in the mail.

I already showed the red dial of Ref. 9000,

wristshot: Girard-Perregaux Chronometer HF, Ref 9000

Time now to take a look at the blue dial version. If you pay attention to detail, you will notice that there is not just simply a change in colour, but the entire dial and hands are quite different with different indexes. Of course, still the same case and movement as you would expect from an identical Reference number,

The most interesting part is probably the case shape and finishing. The sides have a bark finishing and although the watch is not that large, it appears quite big on the wrist as it comes with a high profile. This is a watch that does not fit every wrist and is also sensitive to a well tapered strap as otherwise the strap with 20mm lug size could quickly overpower the watch.


High Frequency and Chronometer certification of Caliber 42 bring another plus to the table. So there really is no reason not to add more colours to the collection. Number 3 I will show in some time.

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