hands/on: Girard-Perregaux Classic Bridges, Ref 86000

Following up from my earlier review of the Neo Bridges, see my re-blog from yesterday, we will take a closer look at its later sibling, the Classic Bridges, Ref. 86000. The Classic Bridges is essentially a revamped Neo Bridges. At SIHH 2018, Girard-Perregaux released the Classic Bridges.

classic neo

The Classic Bridges takes a very different approach than the Neo Bridges. The Neo is modern, black/grey colours going with the trend if you like. The Classic pays tribute to its name. It attempts to bring the Haute Holorgerie finishing of the signature black-polished golden bridges into a price range more affordable by reducing the overall complexity.

While the Classic Bridges has a free-sprung balance under the golden bridge, it is far less complex than a tourbillon. And that’s maybe where the problem is. While the Neo Bridges is a cool conceptual watch, the Classic Bridges is a watch that pretends to be more than it is with shiny polished gold bridges.

classic 1

On the other hand, those golden bridges have the same finishing and quality as their Haute Horlogerie forefathers but at a much more accessible price. Nevertheless, I remain a bit torn about the Classic Bridges. At least for me, I would always feel that I miss something and would still lust for a “real” Golden Bridges from Girard-Perregaux.

classic 2

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