guest/review: Introduction of another Girard-Perregaux collector, JL

I always love to meet other watch collectors whether virtually or in person. It’s a great pleasure to share and exchange thoughts about watches. I feel privileged that I have met many like-minded collectors and some have become my best friends. Even more special is meeting fellow Girard-Perregaux aficionados. So let me introduce to JL, who has reached out to me through this Blog to share his own passion about Girard-Perregaux.

I have invited JL to share his story here on my blog, so I’m very happy to read you here, JL from Madrid, Spain.

How I got engaged with GP?

I remember it perfectly. It was about November 2018… when I found out on a random day, sourcing the web a Girard-Perregaux Richeville 2765 that was spotted on a dealer i know here in Madrid, Spain. I was shocked. It was the Roman Numerals versions and was absolutely crushed by it.

RICHEVILLE ROMANOSI remember perfectly loosing all day browsing pictures about this watch, and started to find out that there were millions of different photos, versions, and different watches…..2710, 2750, 2765….

I was amazed particularly by a watch, the 2710 manual winding with blue dial. ….will go later for this.

I was already a watch collector, and had Breguet , Panerai, Jaeger, Omega, Chopard and even Rolex. For the next weeks, I started to think about that watch, tried it on, and was simply shocked about the effect. I was trapped.

Time goes by…2-3 months…2019.

So, after a couple of changes of some Omegas , I got a Pilot IWC and a Chopard Live Aid Foundation that I had traded for a Breguet 3810  and went to the dealer. I got my first Girard-Perregaux!!! Full set!

Wow.  I was trapped. This guy, also had a 2760, and a 2580. But…at a higher price.

2580 club 4As time goes by. 2 months later, browsing an online auction site, I was shocked to see a 2580 on auction. The limited edition blue dial….no, I can’t, it will be very high priced…I had already spotted the price around, and well…it wasn’t affordable at the time. On an auction, you have to have the money, no trades…you know what I mean. But I was watching the auction, no reserve price, and 20 hours left…at a reasonable price, I bid. “it will go higher….” but it didn’t. Only one more bid, and 10 minutes before the auction closes, I bid again. BOOM. I got it!

My second GP. I was amazed, happy, absolutely happy. This is the turning point. This is when I got hooked by GP. Here is the moment I started to browse GP watches in Spain.

And then in May 2019, I got the chance of getting the 2599. The watch had some incongruences, different hands from another GP, so I contacted Sowind Group, and GP Switzerland. I was introduced to Willy Schweizer the Museum Curator and asked for the proper hands for the watch and acertificate for it….and boom! I received both, and had already 3 GPs.



Then, it was time to let go the Panerais, the Omegas, the kickstarters to get funds to go big.

I went for the Vintage 1945 2583 the triple calendar, however, I made a mistake. I didn’t like it. But , like I had the 2765, the 2580 and the 2599, so overall I was happy. But ….hey, what about that absolute beauty of the Richeville 2760 moon phase?? I went to the same dealer, and made a trade- a Panerai 631 plus the Vintage 1945 2583 plus cash and I had a watch nobody had in white gold!

My 4th GP.

So, this is now June-July 2019 and I’m happy as hell, but the venom is inside. So, I continued searching and thinking. This time I found a Vintage 1945 Large Date  and Moon Phase 25800 white gold version.

IMG_9749 2


During this time, I had a lot of chats with the people in Sowind, and had time to purchase 5 different dials for the Richeville (the Richeville pictured is the same, with all the dial dials I have) till I found the one I liked…but…not sure yet. Still thinking if it will be a keeper.

I also purchased another dial for the 25800 white gold, waiting for it to arrive.

Then, July, early August this year, I found the Vintage 1945 Club Italia 25800 limited edition. I had to have it and I’m very happy.

Later in August this year, a private seller offered a Chronograph 4946 for sale. I saw the ad 1 week later and arranged the purchase, boom my 6th GP.

I also got a Chronograph 4956 at an auction but I don’t like it, and in addition went for the Classic Elegance 2498, however, not sure if it will stay…we will see.

Now, today, the circle is complete. From Japan arrived the Richeville 2710 blue dial.

girard 2710 richeville 2This is my story, in the end I am the most happy watch collector ever. I have found out my “brand” and “my watches” I still have 3-4 more watches from other brands, but I have to say that what I feel when I wear a GP is unique.


Thanks JL for your contribution and happy to see that the Girard-Perregaux “bug” is spreading.

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