from/my/collection: Gyromatic week, part 6: Reference 7317

Completing our Gyromatic week, we look at another quite early Reference, the Gyromatic 7317. No, this is not a number mix up from yesterday’s 7371, but pure coincidence. So coming back to 7317, a 1950s Gyromatic, Caliber 22 with date. Blue date disc and I suspect Radium lume. There is a bit of Radium burn on the dial.

What I really like here is the case shape. It’s hard to see on the photos, but the case is a bit retracted at top and bottom allowing more light going into the dial. If you find one with an unpolished case, there are wonderful sharp angles that light up with reflections. And as promised, we will look at some details of what makes the Gyromatic special and why it has those 39 jewels.

gyro 7317 1


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