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wristshot: Girard-Perregaux Pour Ferrari Chronograph 8020

Wristshot, 9th August, some mild drizzle left a few drops on the glass, but time to share a fresh wristshot of my Girard-Perregaux 8020 Chronograph Pour Ferrari. While the red dial colour is the most recognisable part, it is actually the case of the Ferrari Chronograph that is most appealing to me.

For more background information on the history of the Pour Ferrari collection, make sure to read my background report:

background/report: The Girard-Perregaux Pour Ferrari Collection

Ah and this is today my 100th Blog Post since I launched the GP Chronicles Blog. 100 posts in a bit over 4 months. It has been very enjoyable writing these posts and I hope it has been equally enjoyable for my readers. I am just starting and much more is to come. I will hopefully also find more time to expand on the Girard-Perregaux Model Reference database over the next few weeks.

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