anything/else: my top 5 classic cars

If you love vintage watches, you almost certainly also like classic cars. The 1960s have been a great decade in watch design but when it comes to cars, the 1960s have brought to us the most beautiful designs of all times by a very long distance.

Trying to pick top 5 of classic cars is and can only be very subjective. This is my personal favourites list. I have deliberately left out the Uber-Ferraris from the land of Unobtainium, but I think I still gathered some absolute dream cars, at least in my book.

#5: Alfa-Romea 2600 Spider

A classic Alfa Romeo Spider from the 60s has to be in the list. Some of the most beautiful car designs came from Alfa and the 2600 Spider is such a charm. My friend Ares501 would not have forgiven me if I left out Alfa from the list.

#4: Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda W113

Completing a list like this without a German car from the inventor of the automobile would have been blasphemy. The SL has always been the dream Mercedes and while the 300 SL was a technological breakthrough in the 1950s, the Pagoda SL has such elegant lines, that it gets it to #4 on my list.

#3: Lamborghini 350/400 GT

The first and the best Lamborghini. Yes, there was the Miura, but I just love classic GTs and that would be my dream Lamborghini. 12 cylinders of course and a bodyworks to die for. Look at those “eyes”, I mean headlights.

#2: Maserati 3500 GT Sebring

A 1960s Italian design classic. The Sebring Series 1 just stands out from all 3500 GT Maseratis. The filigrane body and the most elegant dashboard and a classic inline 6 cylinder under the hood. A bomb!

#1: Triumph TR 4

Affordable, reliable, easy to maintain and very very British. That sums it up and that’s why this will be the classic car for me, my personal #1. I much prefer the first series TR4 over the TR4A. And it is a dream that can be fulfilled…one day.

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