from/my/collection: Girard-Perregaux Richeville 8445 from 1966

A lot of times it is difficult to pin-point the exact year of a vintage watch. Of course serial numbers and the model’s production years, catalogues etc. can narrow it down, but not always this is accurate. An extract of archives can be helpful, but GP provides some service but does not have full records of all watches. The only certainty, if your vintage watch comes as a full set, with box and signed papers.

This recent find came from Mexico and is a true gem. Not only has the Richeville 8445 a full set of box and signed papers, no, it also is in NOS condition. The papers are from 1966, which of course means that the watch was sold in 1966 and not necessarily manufactured in the same year, but let’s just say it is from 1966. What is absolutely great as well that it came with the original bracelet, maintains the original plexi with inner loupe for the date.

The Richeville line was like premium collection over the normal Gyromatics and was available as well with Chronometer certification. What’s important to note, in the Richeville, Chronometer spec’s were achieved without the later High-Frequency technology.

Now, let’s enjoy a series of photos.

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