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quick/peek: Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic 7373

There exists a wide range of vintage Girard-Perregaux Gyromatic watches. Not all of them have the legendary 39 Jewels configuration and less even proudly have printed “39 Jewels” on the dial. Here we are not only looking at one of the earliest 39 Jewels Gyromatic from the late 1950s, but also have another rather rare version on hand.

The Reference 7373 came with the no-date Caliber 21 in a 35mm case with nice angles lugs. However, coming with a black dial and gilt indexes and hands is the feature that makes this watch special. Over the years, I have not seen that many 7373 but all of them except one had a silver or cream dial and only one, this one, had the black dial with gilt hands/indexes. It gives a very different look that is quite unique among my vintage GPs. Right.now I have put it on a tan ostrich strap (19mm lugs) but it also looks very good on a black strap.

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