2020 Novelties from Girard-Perregaux

26-August: During the Geneva Watch Days, Girard-Perregaux is showing its 2020 Novelties and I have a quick/peek at what has been published until now and my initial views. This post has been written on 25-Aug evening with access to only publicly available information and images and it could well be that more Novelties will be revealed this week and then of course I will also take a look.

So what has happened? Did we see true novelty thus far? Has Girard-Perregaux showed any vision and some clear strategy ahead?

Go back to my “Quo Vadis GP” Reports on my views what is needed.

background/report: Quo Vadis Girard-Perregaux?

background/report: Quo Vadis Girard-Perregaux – a follow up

I’m afraid the answer to the questions is mostly “no”. A new theme “Infinity” has surfaced with glossy black and broze/gold colours and those have been painted over existing models. All have been made Limited Editions and the Laureato is even exclusive to Wempe Retailer.


The “Free Bridge” seems like a new model and seems to pick up from the Neo Bridges, however, on a closer look, it has nothing in common with the Neo Bridges. It comes with a differently decorated GP01800 Caliber with full size rotor and is much closer to the 1966 Place Giradet of the 225th Anniversary than to the Neo Bridges.


Only the looks with the 44mm diameter and black materials make it look like it is a close cousin of the Neo Bridges. Of course there is now also a Cosmos Infinity Edition in black/gold colour theme.

So what do I think? First of all, I truly hope to see some real novelties, so let’s wait and see. However, I’m not convinced that the strategy of bringing together Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux under one leadership, shared manufacturing and service does either brand any good. The “Free Bridge” to me looks like a Ulysse Nardin and not like a Girard-Perregaux. Maybe I’m old school, but it does not convince me. The rest are make-up changes of existing models and frankly not on their favour.

I will come back to more in-depth reviews over the next few weeks once I have digested it a bit more.

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