from/my/collection: The Girard-Perregaux “Flying Saucer” 8772 W

Time to look at some more uncommon vintage Girard-Perregaux watches that are not often seen. Here is one fine example, the Ref. 8772 W in Yellow Gold Plated. “Flying Saucer” watches had some popularity in the mid/late 60s, although never really went mainstream. As such, although most manufacturers of the time had a design like this in the collection, you don’t really see them often nowadays nor are they really valued or popular anymore.


What is typical of the “Flying Saucer” watch? Well, the case shape looking like a flying saucer, so a rather wide bezel, smaller dial and domed plexi. With that, the GP 8772 perfectly fits the bill. It’s a small watch with only 32mm and with the even smaller dial, it looks almost like a Ladies watch. Due to the small size, you find a manual wind movement inside. Lug size however are a surprisingly large 18mm underlining the futuristic look.

Flying Saucer 8772 W and 8772 V

The gold-plating of the GP is not the most durable and has been applied with a sunburst brush on the bezel. I also have a steel 8772 with the same sunburst brush but a different dial. There was a very nice steel version with black dial and gold indexes as well. A cute little vintage GP from a bygone era.


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