Colourful Week: Girard-Perregaux Deep Diver 9108

As we are getting closer to Spring and soon as well to the Easter holidays, this week’s theme at the GP Chronicles will be Colours. Most dials are either white/silver or black. Even blue has become very common. However, other colours or colour combinations for dials are not so common. Of course we could go even further with painted motives, but let’s take a look this week at some special coloured dials from/my/collection. We will start with turquoise, a rather rarely seen colour.

Girard-Perregaux Deep Diver 9108, a child of the early 70s. The super-compressor case is now already much larger compared with the Divers from the 1960s and the style has clearly changed with the more funky times of the 70s. The rotating bezel is now inside the case and operated with a second crown. But the most characteristic feature is the wonderful turquoise colour of the dial. Funky 70s at its best.

I have a feeling the 70s will have a big showing in Colourful Week. Check back tomorrow for the next colourful dial.

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