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quick/peek: Girard-Perregaux Circuito Chronograph, Ref. 49590

Back to 2016 and the Sports Competizione collection, which aimed to replace the classic sports chronographs like the 4946 or 49580, Girard-Perregaux also brought a novelty to the collection, tagged the Circuito. As the name gives it away, a Sports/Racing Chronograph that looked like no GP before.

A super light-weight case made of a Titanium/Carbon composite, a perforated dial and a light fabric strap resulted in an extremely light watch. Due to its all black case and dial, it also wears much smaller than the other Competizione Chronograph, the Stradale. In the end however, the Circuito as well as the Stradale were very short-lived with GP shifting its sports watch strategy to the Laureato. There are probably not many Circuito ever produced, so quite an interesting collectible.

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