from/my/collection: Girard-Perregaux 1966 Date and Moonphase, Ref. 49545

My latest catch, Girard-Perregaux 1966 Date and Moon Phase, Ref. 49545 seems like an odd target for me, considering that I already own the 1966 Annual Calendar EoT, Ref 49538. However, this was not an impulse buy, I had this watch on my target list for a long time.

So what is different that made it a target? Obviously there is the Moon Phase, an almost equally romantic complication like the Equation of Time, but other than that, both watches seem very similar? Yes and No.

Yes, the case is the same but that’s where it ends. I like that fact the the 49545 has a steel case, which makes it more suited for a daily wearer. And there is something special about the Steel versions of the 1966. It’s the dial.


I also recommended the Steel 1966 Full Calendar as one of my top 3 budget choices from the current collection. Go back and read my previous post:

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Wait, you will notice that I recommended the Full Calendar 1966 in steel. I think both the Full Calendar and the Date and Moon Phase are very similar. In the end it was a personal choice as I don’t wear a watch for a long period and frequently change and the Full Calendar needs more settings of the Day and Month window, while I don’t really need that display. Lastly, I think with the Day and Month window the upper part of the dial becomes very busy with 4 lines of text.

Side-by-Side you can see the difference of the dials

Putting them side-by-side it is clear that those are two different watches. The dial on the EoT is creamy white, curved on the edge and harmonises well with the blued hands and the warmer hue of the white gold case.

The Steel 1966 on the other hand has a colder look. The dial is silver, almost a bit like the Rhodium dial on the Platinum Lange 1. Instead of blue accents you have a red accent on the 31 of the small date pointer scale. Most notable on the wrist are the different indexes. Those are very present on the Steel 1966. They are laser cut and have a lot of angles reflecting light in all different ways.

Finally, I combined the colder silver dial and steel with a dark brown strap to freshen up the look and to differ more from the EoT. I think I really like that combination.

And on the wrist, very elegant without being too dressy. Works perfectly with casual and formal attire. This watch has a lot of presence with its cold silver look.




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