from/my/collection: The Girard-Perregaux 9034, the funky dials edition

Time to step back again into real vintage going to the late 1960s. There is one Reference from that time that is mostly known branded as Sea Hawk, the 9034. A 34 mm manual wind watch with Caliber 12 and small seconds. A nice classic Girard-Perregaux that is well executed but kind of blends in with the masses from that time. However, that same References was also blessed with a special series of funky dials.

flags wrist 2This funky dial series can be split into two main streams:

  1. hand-painted dials in grey/black/white/(red) with different motives and
  2. with applied funky numerals.

I have seen a number of different versions of the funky numerals with different colours and cases and I cannot say how many versions exactly ever existed. For the hand-painted dials on the other hand, I’m only aware of 3 versions, all of which in steel cases: the “Circle Dial”, the “Flags Dial” and the “Casino Dial”. Admittedly, I did see the circle dial for sale in a gold-plated case, but if this was genuine I cannot say, I personally think those only came in steel.

The “Circle Dial”

This is probably the best known and likely exists in largest numbers as they appear for sale relatively often. The dial has a grey paint and then applied circles as indexes that look like crescent. The circle size increases as the numbers from 1 to 12. I do not believe that these painted circles have anything to do with a moon phase, but rather think that the white crescent is used to give it a three-dimensional look.

circle dial 1

As every watch has the circles hand-painted, each looks little different. So you actually own a “piece unique” to some extent. The hands are either solid white painted or sometimes only have white tips. I believe both hands version are correct. There is no seconds hand, unless and here comes a little exception, the Circle Dial also existed as a Gyromatic, of course in a different case and with a Gyromatic movement and then had a white seconds hand. I have never seen any other “funky dial” versions as Gyromatic, only the Circle Dial.

The Funky Dial 9034 typically came with a Corfam Rallye strap from the factory, a good choice although I do prefer just a plain leather strap. The Circle Dial is surely an eye-catcher on the wrist as it is just so unusual, but our next one in line even tops that.

The “Flags Dial”

flags dial 1

Now we are getting into “needle in haystack” territory. The flags dial is based around the very same style as the circle dial, only that instead of circles, you have hand-painted rectangles that look a bit like flags, hence I dub it the “Flags Dial”. Likewise, as it is hand-painted there are slight differences with each watch.

From what I know, the flag dial version is a rare bird, a very rare bird, so you can imagine my delight when I found a literally untouched one a few years ago. It is really cool on the wrist and more eye-catching than a diamond-crusted Rolex. I also think these dials have taken inspiration by Bauhaus designs and paintings, not too surprising if you know a bit the history of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Corbusier’s connection to the Bauhaus.

flags dial wrist

Let’s take a look at the third version, which for some reason breaks a little bit the consistency, something I love about Girard-Perregaux, you never know, there could always be a little (positive) surprise.

The “Casino Dial”

Number Three we are calling the “Casino Dial” as its dial reminds us a bit of a Roulette Wheel. Unfortunately, I do not have a Casino Dial in my collection (yet), so I show you the watch from my friend Blomman, who besides an amazing Jaeger LeCoultre collection also has a stunning GP collection and Omega and Tissot and Zenith and… Check out his fantastic Blog: The Blomman Watch Report !

blomman casino
Casino Dial: Watch and Photo belong to Blomman

Back to the Casino dial: I said above that it breaks a bit the consistency of the other two versions and you can easily notice that the Casino Dial comes with a small seconds display. The is black / dark grey with a white small seconds and red rectangles for the seconds and white rectangles for the hour indexes. The Casino Dial has the same movement as Caliber 12 is normally a small seconds caliber.

The hands are black with red tips, similar as with the Flags Dial. I love the consistency between all three versions while all on the other hand is very different from each other. Definitely one of the coolest vintage watches outside the Diver / Chronograph world.

The “Funky Numerals”

As explained in the introduction, there is a second category within the Funky Dials, I call “Funky Numerals”. Those are clearly different from the three above but also carry Reference 9034. The dials on the Funky Numerals are more conventional with a brushed paint but then you have think circular numerals applied. This version is all about the numerals.

Mine has a gold-plated case, a gold coloured dial and brown circles with white numerals. I have seen green circles on gold or blue circles on Silver / Steel Case and also some blue dials. I think a lot more versions were produced. The hands are very broad and carry on the colour theme from the circles.


Just another great and funky watch from Girard-Perregaux!

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