from/my/collection: Girard-Perregaux Regulator watch from the 1940s

Let’s go back a bit further in time to approx. the 1940s, a time where it gets increasingly difficult to find reliable information or documentation to validate a watch. The 1940s Regulator watches from Girard-Perregaux were mostly branded Mimo, but here we have a sample with Girard-Perregaux on the dial.

To read more about the Mimo Regulators, hop over to The Blomman Watch Report for some great articles.

On the wooden beam: MIMO CENTRIC Pulsometer in blue

On the wooden beam: MIMO CENTRIC Pulsometer

This Girard-Perregaux Regulator from my collection has a silver dial with a radial/spiral pattern, blued hands and a red second hand. In general I find it very difficult to read time on a regulator at one glance, but with this special vintage charm on your wrist, I don’t mind looking a bit longer to decipher the current time.

gp reg

I like how GP used italic numbers for the hours and straight numbers with a different typeface for the minute dial. The outer seconds print has a bit vanished over time. Often these Regulators were doctor watches but this example comes without a pulsometer scale.

Not a watch I wear very often and right now it is with my watchmaker as the setting lever spring is broken, a part on the old FHF 200 calibers inside that seems to break easily and is not easy to source. However, once I have it back, I will give it for sure some wrist time.


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