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quick/peek: Girard-Perregaux 4910, worth a consideration?

Stepping back to the late 80s, we are entering the “dark ages” of Swiss watchmaking, so let’s see if we can find something worth a consideration from Girard-Perregaux. The Chronograph 4910 dates back to the 80s but stayed in the catalogue till the mid 90s. It seems very close to the 7000 Chronograph.

wristshot: Girard-Perregaux Chronograph 7000, Ref 70016

In fact, both watches share the same caliber (GP 8000) and the same dial layout with 3 registers and a sunken date with a built-in loupe. Same case diameter of 38mm but other than that, both watches have a very different character, the 4910 being more elegant and dressy while the 7000 being more sporty.

scan1 4910Anyhow, let’s check if the 4910 has anything to offer. There is the lovely Guilloche dial of course and the Breguet hands on some versions that stand as a plus. Like the 7000, the 4910 was also available in many different versions, solid gold, steel/gold mix and steel, either with bracelet or strap and a variety of dials.

I’m not sure I have seen a solid gold bracelet yet, but I would imagine it existed. Some more info on the Caliber GP 8000-464:


ETA-based automatic movement with Dubois-Depraz chronograph module, 28,000 vph. A reliable workhorse, nothing more, nothing less and certainly there is nothing wrong with that choice. The automatic movement is easy to service with parts available while the Chronograph module can be quite tricky and needs an experienced watchmaker, however, finding a complete replacement module is always possible.

So coming back to our initial question: is the 4910 Chronograph worth a consideration? Well, it is clearly not everyone’s style, neither is it a rare watch, but there are some lovely details. I think for me, I’m yet undecided, but if I would go for one, then I would likely want to look for a full Rose gold version with Guilloche dial and Breguet hands, ideally the Olimpico version. The 4910 Olimpico is identical to the normal versions but has only an “Olimpico” engraving on the back, but not on the dial. Still, it would fit well into my Olimpico collection.


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