news: Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye Majestic

As it is Sunday today, it is time to think about the Ladies again and show you one of the novelties from earlier this year. When we usually think about the Girard-Perregaux Cat’s Eye, we have the horizontal oval shape in front of our eyes. However for quite some time, Girard-Perregaux also offers a vertical oval Cat’s Eye, called the Majestic.

When handling the Cat’s Eye Majestic one thing is immediately present, the Majestic is significantly larger than the classic Cat’s Eye. The oval is 40mm by 34.7mm, quite large for a Ladies watch. In comparison, the classic Cat’s Eye measures 30.4 x 35.4 mm. However being longer than wide, the Majestic remains very elegant on a Ladies wrist and is in my view a great alternative choice.

beautiful backside and this view also reveals the quite large case

Looking at the newly released Majestic, Ref. 80493D52A1827-CK4A, we have a pink gold case set with diamonds and an aventurine blue dial. The Indexes are set with precious stones as well. I personally actually still prefer the Majestic with golden/cream dial from 2016/17, which seems to have disappeared from the collection. I don’t understand though why some of these watches get cycled through so quickly. Maybe it’s a fashion trend, but I would prefer for models to stay in the collection for a longer period.

the 2016 Majestic still looks best for my taste
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