anything/else: traveller notes from Vienna

Why is it that Vienna consistently comes on top as the most liveable city? Read some of my observations from a recent trip and why I think, that title is truly justified.

International consulting firm Mercer is conducting these surveys and they take a lot of parameters into consideration. I on the other hand, just rely on my six senses but oddly come to an equal result. But what about Paris? Yes, Paris is a beautiful city, but I never really feel home in that city. Or London? Great place for sure, but it has been taken over by real estate speculators.

Vienna is a city full of young and creative people and they actually still live in the city. But isn’t Berlin not also young and vibrant? Well, Berlin surely has its hot spots, but overall it is chaotic and unorganised. Of course, there are many tourists in Vienna as well and the city centre is plastered with the global brand shops you can find from Shanghai to New York, but go into the urban city districts and you have life in full swing.

Relaxing crowd at the Museums Quarter

Vienna has not been renovated and modernised to the maximum, nor has the city given way to cars and highways. If you live in Vienna, you really do not need a car, but at the same time it is not as dogmatic like say Amsterdam. They just deal with it in a relaxed way.

Architecturally you can discover something interesting in almost every building. Tram stations built in Art Nouveau and everywhere you have a great variety of restaurants and bars, all filled with a young crowd. And around Vienna you have forests and even a “beach” on the Danube. So combining a greatly preserved city and buildings that are still provide affordable living space with the culture and history all in a well-managed and well-connected city, clearly is a winning mixture.

Ah wait, please stop those silly electric scooters. They are a modern plague. A 75 year old granny does not look stylish nor young on a scooter and they are just dropped wherever they come to a stop. Are we really not capable anymore to walk?

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