anything/else: Five Summer Reads

Let’s go off-topic and as we are entering summer and vacation time, here are five recommended books from my bookshelf for summer reading. While my books here are in German all of them also exists in many other languages. In my description I have used the English titles. It’s only a short introduction and not a book review, but I can whole heartedly recommend all five of them!


Julian Barnes: The Only Story

A love story of a young student with a mid 40s married woman. Intriguing and captivating. The highs and lows of love brilliantly written by Julian Barnes.

Andrea Camilleri: A Nest of Vipers

Some light reading crime story around inspector Montalbano. Camilleri is the grand master of Italian novels. Always enjoyable to read and usually with an unexpected ending.

Maxim Kantor: Red Light

An epic novel about Soviet times covering an entire century from the October revolution till today. A must read.

Eric Vuillard: The Order of the Day

Something non-fiction from French author Eric Vuillard exploring in great detail a day in the year 1933, when Hermann Göring arranged a secret meeting of 24 German industry leaders to meet with Hitler.

Ivan Turgenev: Sketches from a Hunter’s Album

Newly released and translated into German, the classic short stories of Turgenev. A pleasure to read. A book that takes your mind on a wonderful journey into the past.

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